American Art, a True Portrait of History?

Throughout history art always was a means to delve into the eras that passed. Revealing to us what everyday life was like, the struggles, the triumphs, the matters that the people of that time period held dear to their heart. However the one thing that holds consistently true within history is that only one voice or portrait is typically worthy of capturing in history books and in art; and that is the voice of the group in power. So what happens to the stories of those not in power? Are they left among the dust and debris of their time period?

I recently read somewhere that history is the art of storytelling; so like any story there are multiple versions and depictions. The book “A People’s History of the United States” is written with the purpose of showing history from the eyes of not only those in power but from the eyes of its subject. Oppressor vs Oppressed. I am in love with that concept. How amazing would it be to walk into a museum and see that very concept depicted in visual art form. Art that allows the viewer to create their own conclusions and deductions of history, but also presents them with the opportunity to place themselves in the lineage of that history. A curation that is truthful and representative of all; That is true history.

Recently I documented my experience of visiting mainstream art museums in the USA. This is what I had to say:


What are your thoughts? How can we create a curated art series that is representative of all?