Be the Master of Lemons

What a great feeling it is to turn your emotions around. To be able to transform pain, anger, and heartache into something beautiful and beneficial to yourself and others. Because not everyday is going to be outright amazing, but it can be satisfying. The truth is most days are just going to be okay, and some days are going to be a mix of OMG that was incredible and OMG somebody put me out of my misery. Whatever the type of day we have, remember that life is constantly moving. So if it is a glorious day feel gratitude for that moment, if it’s a shitty day feel gratitude knowing that you a blessed very shortly with a new moment and a new day.

Become the master of lemons, do not just stop at lemonade, make lemon cake, lemon water, lemon infused face masks, and any other lemony goodness you can come up with. Hell sometimes a plain on lemon can be just what you need. Whatever the case enjoy what you have but don’t be afraid to push for something better. Become the master alchemist of your life.