The Ultimate Workout Versatility

First off let me say that this is not an Ad.  I genuinely am in love with ClassPass. If you have not heard of this before let me introduce you. ClassPass is a monthly membership program that allows you to go to various fitness classes throughout the month. Imagine being able to choose from classes like kickboxing, hot yoga, crossfit, pole dancing, spin, and the list goes on. Every month you are given a set amount of points to use at your discretion. If you run out you can always purchase more points. You can even use ClassPass while traveling to a different states so there is no excuse. Variety and ease of use with ClassPass gives me the ability to keep my workouts interesting.

I love incorporating group fitness into my normal exercise routine for a few reasons:

  1. Group environments bring out my competitive nature, it pushes me a little more than when working out alone (especially in a boot camp class).
  2. I learn new techniques to use on my own and with the assistance of instructors I make improvements on my form.
  3. It takes out the guess work in my workout for that day. I don’t have to plan what exercises I’m going to do, for how many reps, how I’m going to warm up, how I’m going to cool down, etc, etc.
  4. Most importantly I’m able to try fun new activities. It’s like a personal date with myself. And who doesn’t like dates, especially when the company is amazing ;).

Keep your New Year resolution to exercise more, and have fun doing it. You can cancel at any time but why would you want to. Check it out for yourself











The Why to My Active Lifestyle

People often ask me why I workout so much. Working out for me is much more than just a means for staying in shape. It is my nourishment, my therapy, my friend on days that are gray. It is an opportunity for me to be present; to forget about anything that happened before that moment or any future anxieties. It’s just me, my body, and my spirit pushing past prior limitations.

When I say that exercise is a form of therapy I mean that in every way. It helps me battle with feelings of loneliness, depression, and self-doubt. There is something extremely empowering for me when challenging my mind and body. Exercise gets me out of the bed in the morning, or late in the afternoon on days when self doubt tries to set in. It’s thirty minutes to an hour and half of me going toe to toe with my inner demons. All those feelings of I’m not worthy, I can’t be happy, I can’t be successful are obliterated. What I’m left with is an epic high and the desire to crush every single doubt in my mind.

Beyond the amazing confidence boost being active gives me, physical activity is just good old self-care. Time for me to love on body. To be one with my body. Some days I may be in need of a good sweat to detoxify, or stretching/yoga to loosen up tight joints and muscles, or weight training to help me with my posture and form. Setting aside this time for myself helps me feel more centered and focused. How amazing it is to do something good for myself that no one else can do for me.

Staying active makes me love and appreciate the person I see in the mirror everyday; not just for the physical aspect of it but more importantly for the spiritual and mental clarity and confidence I gain. I see worthiness, strength, beauty, love, and an unstoppable spirit. Like I mentioned this is my nourishment, the fuel I need for the betterment of my soul.

What motivates you to stay active?