Yoga Taught Me – Part Two

Ever since I got back from my recent trip to Hong Kong I’ve been feeling quite off; Let’s be honest I’ve been having a heaviness/stiffness over me for a while now. I feel like I’m stuck just going through the motions but even worse I’ve been an emotional wreck. When I’m not feeling the best I kind of always force myself to be active, so last night I decided at the last moment to go to a yin yoga class. A little backstory for about a year plus now I’ve been dealing with left hip pain and mobility issues. With that being said certain yoga poses are limited or downright painstaking. So I arrive at the class unroll my mat, settle in, and BAMM the instructors first pose is a hip opener. She literally went right in – no fourplay, no lube, no small talk to ease me into this moment of high discomfort. The thing with yin classes is that it is all about letting go and allowing gravity to pull you deeper into a pose, no resistance just complete surrender. So as my stiff body is trying to breathe through the pain, it hits me that this has been me in real life. I have such an underlining fear of being hurt and uncomfortable that I create resistance to the unknown, yet I wasn’t always this way. Somehow this limited range of (e)motion seems safer than flowing past my self created threshold of comfort. Encouraged by the instructor, in this class that I now see is all hip opening, I acknowledge the sensations and discomforts and I let go. I let go – first of the fear of being uncomfortable and then I let go of the idea that pain was restricting me. I was restricting myself. As I overcame my fear and stopped resisting discomfort I was delivered to a deeper less uncomfortable space. I could literally feel my hips gently opening up, tissue releasing itself. I began to cry. Tears for keeping myself bound up like this. Tears for all the fears and lies I told myself. But most importantly tears knowing that I am and can break down these emotional and physical barriers I placed on myself.

Mind, body, soul – a unit. When there is dis-ease in one they all suffer, yet when there is peace with one they all find peace. Currently working to find peace and freedom within my unit. May peace be with all of you. 🙂

American Art, a True Portrait of History?

Throughout history art always was a means to delve into the eras that passed. Revealing to us what everyday life was like, the struggles, the triumphs, the matters that the people of that time period held dear to their heart. However the one thing that holds consistently true within history is that only one voice or portrait is typically worthy of capturing in history books and in art; and that is the voice of the group in power. So what happens to the stories of those not in power? Are they left among the dust and debris of their time period?

I recently read somewhere that history is the art of storytelling; so like any story there are multiple versions and depictions. The book “A People’s History of the United States” is written with the purpose of showing history from the eyes of not only those in power but from the eyes of its subject. Oppressor vs Oppressed. I am in love with that concept. How amazing would it be to walk into a museum and see that very concept depicted in visual art form. Art that allows the viewer to create their own conclusions and deductions of history, but also presents them with the opportunity to place themselves in the lineage of that history. A curation that is truthful and representative of all; That is true history.

Recently I documented my experience of visiting mainstream art museums in the USA. This is what I had to say:


What are your thoughts? How can we create a curated art series that is representative of all?

Now is Always a Good Time…

Stop waiting for a person, place, or event to make you feel how you truly wish to feel.

Do you have this idea in your mind that some epic change in your life is going to bring you exponential happiness? Whether it is falling in love with the person of your dreams, that big career opportunity, visiting some exotic country, getting to your goal weight, or whatever it may be, understand that how you feel about yourself and your life is not contingent on those things. You can feel joy, worthiness, love, abundance accomplishment right now; feel it along the journey, and once you achieve those milestones in your life.

For so many people especially women we are ingrained with this idea that we need to be in a relationship to experience fulfillment, love, and joy. We start believing that our worth is directly correlated with someone seeing us as desirable. Yet what does that say of how we view ourselves? Are we truly loving ourselves? Are we making our own interests, needs, and desires a priority? Do we view them as sacred and something we will not fully compromise on. Vow right now to be your best suitor, lover, and friend so that there never is a day you feel void or depleted of love and self worth.

Maybe you are waiting for that big career move to prove to your family, partner, or peers, that you are worthy to have a seat at the table of success. The truth is they probably already see so much in you, maybe even more than you see in yourself. Believe in your talent and own your success. If you are on the journey to a better version of yourself, you are already winning. Just be sure to stay authentic to who you are along the way. Other people may want you to take a specific course in your career endeavors but this is your life and you have to live with the decisions you make. Confidence, persistence, and owning the moment can take you where you want to be so enjoy every moment of it, doing it your way.

Do you find yourself having a serious case of FOMO? We live in such a social media driven world that we only see the best highlights of someone’s life. Those highlights can make our everyday moments feel a little less than mediocre. Everyone’s idea of fun, excitement, and beauty is different. Live you life authentically doing the things that matter and bring you the most joy. If anything take what you see on social media as an inspiration to do more within the realm of your definition of joy. You don’t have to go to a foreign country to fulfill your need of adventure get out in your own city/state and do something you never done.

Stop seeking validation in everyplace but within yourself.  Decide today to feel, love, joy, success, and excitement in your life right now. Let’s make the most of right now while progressing towards the future.


If You Want It, It’s Yours

One of the greatest bits of knowledge ever taught to me was about manifestation. The logic that an idea or belief can become reality with intense focus and action. The key for manifestation to work is that we need a clear idea of exactly what it is we want.

Recently the vision of my future started to get very blurry. I could feel myself just drifting through day to day life. A big problem of mine is that my wants and goals often get sidetracked or fused with others wants and goals; especially while in a relationship. I’m a certified people pleaser. I genuinely gain so much joy from helping, catering to, and loving others – many times to my own disadvantage. It’s like a gift and curse handed down to me from the people pleaser supreme – my mother. With age and many unfavorable situations I learned that what I truly desire for myself matters. Living for my own desires and dreams is the basis for true self-respect, self-love, and integrity. That embodiment of self-worth only naturally attracts more love, appreciation, and respect from others.

Manifestation is not just a one time thing, it’s an as long as we are living and breathing on this earth thing. I’m learning with myself that everyday I have to be cognizant of what my big picture looks like; really visualize it and do something that day that is going to put me more inline with making it a reality. I find that physically writing down my aspirations helps put them in perspective and feel more real. Day by day, little by little the key is to just stay focused – no distractions!